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Camera Services

Home Security

Whether you're away from home, or simply want more security in your home, AmeriSat will set up your cameras in the best location around your home so you're always aware of your home's surroundings. 

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Small Business Security

Surveillance cameras are essential tools for small businesses seeking to enhance security and protect their assets. Small business owners can find a surveillance camera system that suits their needs and budget, helping them focus on growing their business with confidence.

Commerical Security

AmeriSat can set up inside and outside of your business. Our team will ensure that you're satisfied and don't have to worry about any risks or concerns your commercial business may face. 

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- CCTV Planning: Layout, & Installation.

- CCTV Repair and Maintenance

- Professional Security CCTV Camera Installation

- Networking DVR Servers

- Remote Monitoring

- Hi-tech Access Control Systems

- Intercom & Paging Systems

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Whether you're looking for CCTV Camera Installation or are looking to upgrade your current equipment, contact us today!

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