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  • Chris Dudley

Expert Dish Removals and Disposals in San Diego - Dive into a Dish Removal Service with us!

Chris and Leo, our skilled technicians, fearlessly tackle dish removals even from high ceilings.

Watch as they expertly demonstrate the removal process, showcase flawlessly sealed surfaces, and proudly prepare to haul out the dish for recycling – a seamless service from start to finish.

What We Do:

  • Remove the satellite dish and mount.

  • Remove all exterior cables.

  • Seal all holes from the dish and mount.

  • Haul away and recycle the equipment.

  • Send you before and after photos. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AT HOME)

When it comes to efficient dish disposals, we ensure you our work will be cleanly and safely.

Give us a call at (858) 505-1122

**We service Dish Removals in San Diego County, and Inland Empire.

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