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Starlink Installation

Looking for reliable Starlink installation services to connect you to the future of satellite internet? Look no further! Our team of experts specializes in seamless Starlink installation, bringing lightning-fast internet speeds and unparalleled connectivity to your doorstep. Experience the power of Starlink and unlock a world of possibilities.


Call for a Free Consultation and Estimate 858-505-1122


Mounting Options

Your Starlink system needs to be installed properly to your structure to ensure it won't fall out of alignment. With the correct mount you can install the Starlink Dishy in a place that will receive proper signal, will be unseen, and minimize cabling.

Proper Mount

A good install will need the right mount. Starlink offers several different mounts. Amerisat also has a selection of mounts to fit your home. Give us a call to find out which one you would like us to install. 


Get the Job done Right!

We have been installing satellite systems (like Starlink) for over 26 years. We are experts in our field and will get the job done right. For a good installation call Amerisat.

What is included in an installation

  • Mount one Starlink satellite on the roof.

  • Run satellite internet cable into the home.

  • Connect and set up Starlink internet inside the home.

  • Connect all devices to the new internet.

  • Test and optimize.


Starlink for Boats and RV

One of the advantages of Starlink is its availability. It works excellent for Boats and RVs as it has coverage in remote locations. We professionally mount boats and RV and have over 26 years of experience. We will install the Starlink Dishy securely and ensure a proper signal on the road or at sea. 


Get the Job done Right!

Where we Install:

Octillo - Plaster City - El Centro - Calexico - Imperial - Brawley - Westmorland - Calipatria - Niland - Holtville - Glamis - Salton City - Winterhaven


"Perfect in every way! Every riverside resident should call them for installation. They were on time, professional, and the work was flawless. Thank you!" - Deena B.

"Leo was very friendly, explained everything, and was so happy with the Starlink Installation!" - Ed D.

"Leo came over on time. He was an excellent installer for the Starlink satellite dish. He took two hours to complete, including an explanation. I am very happy about using this company. The AmeriSat, Bill scheduled the installation date very quickly which was very helpful. He emailed me three completed satellite installation photos and their base amounts, so I was able to make a decision easily." - Ebisu W.

"I had my Starlink installed with AmeriSat and am so satisfied with their service. Really responsive, and quick to issue an appointment, and the tech Anthony is professional and did the installation in less than an hour. I highly recommend their services." - Tony Morrison

"Great vendor for installing Starlink!!" - Channa K.

"AmeriSat offered the installation of the StarLink system I had purchased. Provided prompt service and the technician was knowledgeable and completed the installation in the expected time. Therefore recommend them for this type of install." - David G.

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