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Buying Guide

Starlink is designed to offer reliable and high-speed internet access in areas where traditional broadband services may be unavailable or impractical.
It has gained attention for its potential to bring internet connectivity to remote regions, as well as its potential use in various applications, including on moving vehicles and ships.

Our expert team is ready to install your Starlink system for a flat fee of $399.


- Is Starlink available in my area? 

Yes! Starlink is available everywhere!​

- Is Starlink fast enough?

Yes! Starlink goes up to 250 mbps!

- How much data does Starlink have? 


- Do I need to sign a contract?

No! No contracts are needed!​


Note: If purchasing Starlink for home, be sure to order 'Standard Actuated Model.' 

** If you're purchasing directly from Amazon or Best Buy, you must set up a service account with Starlink on their website before being able to activate your satellite

**Click on the desired link to be directed to the product.

Order directly from Starlink:

Order through Amazon: 

Order through Best Buy:

Starlink - Best Buy


Once you have received your Starlink equipment, an expert from AmeriSat will come out and review the best location to mount your Starlink.

Whether that's on your home, boat, or RV!

What steps are included with your installation?

  • Mount one Starlink satellite on the roof.

  • Run satellite internet cable into the home.

  • Connect and set up Starlink internet inside the home.

  • Connect all devices to the new internet.

  • Test and optimize.

Starlink installed with a tile roof mount

Our expert team is ready to install your Starlink system for a flat fee of $399.

Additional Products for Starlink Service:

A good install will need the right mount. Starlink offers several different mounts.

Amerisat also has a selection of mounts to fit your home.

*Mesh Wifi products are available!

They help increase your Wi-Fi coverage!

*We can help you provide Wi-Fi up to one mile away from your Starlink!

Starlink Dish mounted with Amerisat Special Equipment

Bringing lightning-fast internet speeds and unparalleled connectivity to your doorstep.

Our team of experts specialize in seamless Starlink installation!

Contact us today!

Call 858-505-1122 to schedule a consultation.


Where We Install:

San Diego - Rainbow - Fallbrook - Pala - Bonsall - Pauma Valley - Oceanside - Vista - Palomar Mountain - Warner Springs - Ranchita - Borrego Springs - Santa Ysabel- Julian - Ramona - Escondido - San Marcos - Valley Center - Carlsbad - Encinitas - Solana Beach - Del Mar - Poway - Santee - Lakeside - La Mesa - El Cajon - Chula Vista - Bonita- Spring Valley - Jamul - Dulzura - Coronado - Otay Mesa - Imperial Beach - Campo - Desanco - Guatay - Pine Valley - Mt Laguna - Boulevard - Jacumba Hot Springs - Octillo

Follow Chris & Leo on a standard Starlink Installation. 


"Perfect in every way! Every riverside resident should call them for installation.

They were on time, professional, and the work was flawless. Thank you!" - Deena B.

"Leo was very friendly, explained everything, and was so happy with the Starlink Installation!" - Ed D.

"Leo came over on time. He was an excellent installer for the Starlink satellite dish. He took two hours to complete, including an explanation. I am very happy about using this company. The AmeriSat, Bill scheduled the installation date very quickly which was very helpful. He emailed me three completed satellite installation photos and their base amounts, so I was able to make a decision easily." - Ebisu W.

"I had my Starlink installed with AmeriSat and am so satisfied with their service. Really responsive, and quick to issue an appointment, and the tech Anthony is professional and did the installation in less than an hour. I highly recommend their services." - Tony Morrison

"Great vendor for installing Starlink!!" - Channa K.

"AmeriSat offered the installation of the StarLink system I had purchased. Provided prompt service and the technician was knowledgeable and completed the installation in the expected time. Therefore recommend them for this type of install." - David G.

Clean Starlink Installed for fast wireless internet
Starlink instelled on the roof of a home in San Diego
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