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Services for Multi-Family Properties

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Amerisat installs Satellite, Internet, and Local Antenna equipment to deliver TV signal for every units at your property


Finding the Right Solution for your Property

When it comes to finding the right TV service solution for a multi-family property, several factors need consideration to ensure resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Technology Compatibility

  • Check for compatibility with smart TVs, streaming devices, and other emerging technologies.


  • Choose a solution that can easily scale to accommodate the growth of the multi-family property.

Customization Options

  • Residents should have the flexibility to choose the channels and features that align with their preferences.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Balance quality with affordability to ensure that the TV service aligns with the budget constraints of the multi-family property.

TV Service in apartment building closet

Free TV  with a Master Antenna TV System

Master Antenna TV System can provide every TV on your property with clear HD Channels from Local TV Stations. This usually is ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS and hundreds more. THERE IS NO MONTHLY FOR THE TV SERICE.

antenna installed on roof of apartment in san diego

Why Choose Us?
We create solutions for your Property

What is a Shared Dish System?

satellite dishes dish and directv on roof of condos
  • The Shared Dish system is a simple, neat and cost effective way to connect all your residents to great entertainment. It’s perfect for adding value to your properties.


  • We can run cables from the single satellite dish into each apartment. Because they run directly into your residents’ digital boxes, you can say goodbye to buildings covered in satellite dishes.

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