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Surveillance Cameras

Finding the Right CCTV Installation Services


With so much demand for your security system, it is important to choose a CCTV Installation partner with experience and expertise in installing security cameras to ensure your business gets the best hardware combined with reliable installation. All you need is a crossover cable or a lost connection, and your security camera may be useless. 


Not only does this harm your property and possessions, but it can also jeopardize insurance benefits if you have a faulty CCTV system. At AmeriSat, our CCTV installation services cover the entire project lifecycle. We can help you from choosing the right equipment to designing and installing your CCTV network.


If you already have a security camera, we can come and help you install the equipment.


Which Type of Camera?

Amerisat AV offers a wide range of products for the security cameras that we use. The type of camera that we use really depends on what our customers’ specific needs are. We can build any type of system, for any type of location, and customize it so that our customers are fully satisfied and protected.

We are authorized CCTV Installation of Hikvision, Ring, and Nest.

CCTV Planning, Layout, & Installation
CCTV Repair and Maintenance
Professional Security CCTV Camera Installation
Networking DVR Servers
Remote Monitoring
Hi-tech Access Control Systems
Intercom & Paging Systems





Our technicians are trained & certified for a variety of systems. For a service request on an existing system please contact us with the make and model of your existing system.

Why choose us?

We create solutions for your organization

  • Our Mission: In a world full of danger and theft, it is we who shine a light on security with valuable services. We strive to create a safe space with our security solutions. We have made it our mission to meet everyone's safety needs.

  • Our vision: We are constantly looking for ways to make your presence safe, be it your home, your workplace, your public space, or so on. We believe in long-term relationships with faith and trust; that's why we offer the best security solutions.

  • Our strategy: AmeriSat offers 360-degree security solutions with advanced and technical security systems. We developed a strategy dedicated to investing in security. Enjoy the latest gadgets with flexible CCTV Camera installation and maintenance.


Whether you're looking for CCTV Camera Installation or are looking to upgrade your current equipment, contact us today.

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